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According to the teaching of loudspeakers eastshine manufacturers, October 26th, Jiaozuo Normal College of animal specimens museum for the first time for the majority of the public free open day. 8:30 on October 26th Xu, animal specimens museum opened the door, more than and 300 square meters of the museum immediately in four or five hundred specimens. In order to maintain order at the scene, Jiaozuo polytechnic college school temporarily 40 students, and the teaching of loudspeakers, helping organize the activities of the Jiaozuo Municipal Bureau of forestry wildlife protection and nature reserve management department responsible person involved.

Because too many visitors, visitors are isolated in the west corridor outside the museum. Each batch of restricted access to about 50 families to visit, each visit time is about 10 minutes. The narrator in the specimen with the temporary teaching megaphone, constantly on the wild animal protection knowledge to the audience. Jiaozuo City Forestry Bureau wildlife conservation and nature reserve management section chief He Xinping said that the city of Jiaozuo for the first time to organize people to visit animal specimens, I did not expect such a strong attraction. It provides experience for similar activities in the future.

On the same day at 16:30 PM, its time to herbarium. However, there are hundreds of parents lined up with children. Staff had to close the door of the experimental building, the organization of children queuing to visit, parents are not allowed to enter. "Never received so many people in one day, his voice was hoarse." A holdingTeaching.The narrator said.

It is understood that the free opening of the Jiaozuo Zoological Museum, attracted more than 2000 families, nearly 5000 people came to visit.


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