Wireless voice transmission system for tour guide

Product name:Wireless voice transmission system for tour guide

Relevant parameters:

Supply voltage 3.6 ~ 5V
Emission current <60mA
Receive current <30mA
Operating temperature 0 ~ +70 C
Frequency range 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
Channel number 20
Modulation mode GFSK
Transmit power 10dBM
Input impedance 1OK Ohm
Input level 2.8Vp-p (Max)
Receiver sensitivity -85dBm (Min.)
Receive output impedance 32 Ohm
Receive output level 2Vp-p (Max)
Audio delay <10ms
Frequency response 20 ~ 8KHz, + 3dB
Dynamic range @1kHz 81dB
Separation degree @1kHz 90dB
Distortion THD 0.1%
Detailed description

brandStudy of cable



A, product characteristics

1 working frequency band: ISM 2.4GHz free band.
2 preset the number of channels of 14, can be single and single receive multiple.
3 built-in PCB antenna can reduce costs and R &amp; D time.
4 low power consumption for mobile applications.
5 channel quality error rate is high, the device can automatically mute.
6 10dBm RF output power, can reduce interference in the same frequency band of other equipment.
7 transmission distance open area more than 100 meters.
8 headphone amplifier and digital volume control.
9 with audio interface, can play music.


Two, product instructions


And receive the key to the code, when the long press the PAIRRX button for more than 3 seconds, the launch of the red and blue lights flash, the start of the code, the blue light is bright, the completion of the pairing, click on the launch of the PAIRRX key to complete the code.
With another pair of transmit pairs. When the long press the PAIRTX button for more than 3 seconds, the blue light flash, waiting for pairing, matching success, the blue light is often bright, pairing completed, this time off.
Pairs of keys to generate new ID. When the PAIRNEWID button is pressed for more than 3 seconds, the red and blue lights on the launch are alternately flashing, and the code is started. After receiving the blue light of the receiving module, the pairing is completed, and then click on the PAIRNEWID key to complete the code.
MUTE for mute key, blue light slow flash.
MIC mode switch key, between the input and the AUDIO switch, the input of the blue light every 2 seconds flash, AUDIO input when the blue light flashes every 2 seconds.

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