2.4G receiver module

Product name:2.4G receiver module

Relevant parameters:

Emitter size: 57*24*27mm
Receiving board size: 49.6*22.7MM
Directivity: capacitive directivity
Sensitivity: -44 (dB)
Frequency range: 40-16K (Hz)
Impedance: 680 ohm
Carrier frequency: 2400-2482Mhz
Modulation: GFSK
RF power: 0dBm
Wireless transmission distance: 10-15 meters
Working voltage: polymer lithium battery 3.7V
Continuous working time: 6-8H
Detailed description

2.4G wireless microphone module product features:

1, small size
Clip shape transmitter using Bluetooth headset microphone shape, is currently on the market similar products in the smallest volume, the lightest weight of the product, the overall weight of the product is only 20 grams. The user can be directly clamped on the clothes, but also can be hung in front of the sling, the use of any clothing requirements, long time use and no sense of weight. The utility model is convenient for users to carry, and is clean, sanitary and easy to manage.
2, green environmental protection
The use of energy-saving technology ultra-low emission power, electromagnetic radiation is only ordinary mobile phone 1/90, worthy of the name". Built in lithium battery and charging module, with low voltage alarm, charging instructions, automatic shutdown after charging and other functions. A full time of more than 10 hours to meet the requirements of all day use.
3, strong anti-interference
With professional ID code encryption transmission technology, ID coding up to one million units, each product is only a unique ID code. Use the same equipment in the same place without interference. The user does not speak, or in a state of weak signal, receiver with automatic mute function.
2.4G wireless microphone:

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