Rechargeable laser pen

Product name:Rechargeable laser pen

Relevant parameters:

Size: 13*146MM diameter
Output power: 200mW Class III B
Circuit control: APC line
Working voltage: DC=3.7V
Built in battery: 300 Ma
Wavelength: 532nm
Working temperature: +20 DEG C being
Storage temperature: +10 ~ 40 C
Power supply: built in lithium battery, USB charging
Structural features: LED + Crystal + lens group
Detailed description


Product features

The built-in lithium battery, USB charging of long service life, long 5000 meters

No need to replace the battery
Matters needing attention:
1, do not use when facing the peoples eyes, so as to avoid the eye.
2, after the use of laser pointer can be placed in the place where children can not contact.
3, laser continuous lighting time is recommended not more than 1 minutes, no one will affect the life of the laser due to overheating!
Object / purpose:
The teacher / lecturer for classroom teaching it like a infinite pointer makes you in any corner of the classroom can easily draw the blackboard is absolutely refers to the teachers assistant!
Business people / the meeting for presentations and conference speaker to explain your speech become ease communication with customers more relaxed.
Museum exhibition hall / tour guide, when it can help you easily accurately target instructions out of you in the face of "reach" goal and had no beam.
Field traveler / Explorer -- for field exploration indicating distant targets and issued a distress signal. To make your trip more fun is the preferred equipment for outdoor activities.
Astronomy enthusiasts - used to refer to the astronomical Star green laser beam is a very beautiful green line. It is suitable for the observation of the stars at night can accurately indicate the location of the stars
Mining / construction personnel - used to accurately indicate / measure buildings over a long distance. Avoid dangerous areas
Applicable occasions gifts, promotional advertising, business gifts, holiday, celebration, wedding, birthday, fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, public relations planning
Product configuration:
Charge a pen
Charging line

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