Blue violet 5 1

Product name:Blue violet 5 1

Relevant parameters:

Product size: 13.8*155mm diameter
Use battery: 2XAAA
Wavelength: 405nm
Range: 500m-2000m
Spot diameter: 15m< 18 (mm)
Output power: 20mW (can be customized 30mW, 50mW, 100mW) specializing in the production of European pen
Working voltage: 3V (2XAAA)
Working current: <300 (mA)
Operating temperature: +15 C ~ +35 C
Storage temperature: -10 C ~ +50 C
Detailed description
1 field traveler / climber / Explorer -- for outdoor adventure, indicating distant targets and issued a distress signal
2 astronomy enthusiasts - used to astronomy refers to the star, green laser beam is a very beautiful green line. It is suitable for the observation of the stars at night, can accurately indicate the location of the stars
3 mining / construction personnel - for the long distance accurately indicating / measuring the building
4 military command or exercise: when you to your subordinates that your target in the air which direction or in distant hillside
5 Guide: for distant attractions instructions explain, behind you the number of group members can clearly see your point of attraction. It may also be used for fire, floods, earthquakes and other emergencies repair site command

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