red laser pointer

Product name:red laser pointer

Relevant parameters:

Laser pointer
Long life red (Lv Guang) laser module
High-grade paint, delicate touch
Detailed description
1, the basic description
JF-101 copper laser pen pen tube, a pen cap and the front end surface of the rubber paint, chrome white crane. Long life red light (Lv Guang) laser module, working hours up to 5000 hours.
JF-101 red laser pen (Lv Guang) pointer function, suitable for the company newsletter, a large conference room presentation, professional outdoor presentations, astrology observation, field survival etc..
Laser pen JF-101 shape is small, beautiful, can screen a variety of sizes and shapes of Logo, is used as a business gift, gift business partner of the best.
2, suitable for people and occasions
Teachers, professional lecturer, business people, for teaching, presentations, lectures, meetings and other occasions, to indicate the key; explorers used to indicate the direction, survival etc..

3, the main technical performance indicators
Laser class II or IIIa laser
Laser power 5mW-100mw
Laser distance is greater than 200m-3000m
Wavelength 630-670nm
Operating voltage 3V
Battery 2 Section 7 battery
Size 1.5*16.5cm
Working life >5000 hours
4, operation tips
A) please do not install the battery.
B) please do not leave the exhausted or damaged battery in this product.
C (long time) do not use this product, please take out the battery.
D when the product is not functional or remote control distance is shortened, please replace the new battery.
5, security tips
A laser harmful to the eyes, do not put the laser pointing to the crowd, it is strictly prohibited to use laser direct eye.
(B) avoid pointing a laser at a mirror or other highly reflective surface.
C) please do not play the product for children.
(D) do not use the naked eye or use a telescope to observe the laser line.
E) need to disassemble, adjust or repair, please professional work.
F) this product belongs to second kinds of laser products.

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